Urgent Care Services Walk In Clinic

Comprehensive and Compassionate Medical Treatment

Urgent care for the following medical conditions, as well as convenient preventive health care, is provided by the medical professionals at Kerrville Urgent Care. Drop by Kerrville Urgent Care walk in clinic for prompt treatment of injury, x-rays, illness, and physicals. The medical professionals at this urgent care clinic are ready to help.

For life-threatening injuries and illness involving head trauma and/or significant bleeding, open fractures and loss of vital functions, such as difficulty breathing, loss of consciousness or paralysis, go immediately to a hospital emergency room. If you are experiencing chest pain, severe abdominal pain or these other serious conditions, Kerrville Urgent Care recommends calling 911.

General Illness

Abscesses                                                      Allergic reactions (non-life threatening)                       

Asthma                                                           Athlete’s foot and other fungal infections               

Bronchitis                                                     Cough
Diaper rash                                                   Earaches                                                    

Eye infection                                                Fever

Flu symptoms                                             Gastrointestinal discomfort
Migraine                                                        Nausea 

Runny nose                                                 Sinus infection                               

Skin allergy and rashes                          Sore throat                                      

Stomachaches and Stomach pain    Urinary tract infection

Detail your services

Back pain                                                                                             Burns (heat or chemical)                               

Cuts and lacerations FracturesInsect bites                            Muscle strain                      

Removal of foreign objects (splinters, etc.)                           SplintsSprains                    

Stitches                                                                                                 Wound infection


Injury Treatment

Back pain                                                        Burns (heat or chemical)  

Cuts and lacerations                                  FracturesInsect bites                                 

Muscle strain                                                Removal of foreign objects (splinters, etc.)
SplintsSprains                                             Stitches                                                                  

Wound infection                                         X-Rays


Camp physicals                                                      Sports physicals                                                 

Work physicals                                                       DOT physicals (By Appointment Only)                

Drug Screening (pre-employment)                Employment physicalsSchool physicals 


Flu Shots                                         

Hepatitis B

School immunizationsTetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis (TDAP)

Tuberculosis (TB) & TB skin test